United Methodist Youth

Welcome to the United Methodist Youth program at Kennewick First UMC! We offer opportunities for youth to learn and practice Christian principles and participate in fun activities. It is our goal to provide a safe and structured environment where the youth feel welcomed and loved by the Lord and their Leaders. Jr. UMY is offered to 6th graders through 8th graders and Sr. UMY is offered to 9th graders through 12th graders.

Upcoming Events

Sunday, November 22:  You are welcome to join Rachel and the youth group Leaders on Zoom for virtual youth group. Jr. and Sr. UMY is from 1:30-3 PM on this specific Sunday!

Sunday, November 29: No UMY! Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with your family!

Tuesdays Beginning September 15: You are welcome to join Rachel and the Cornerstone teachers on Zoom for virtual Cornerstone Bible Study on Tuesdays Jr. UMY is at 6:00 PM and Sr. UMY is at 7:00 PM.

Sunday, December 6th: Visit the Reopen Church website to sign up for our upcoming December events by 12/6. If you need help getting supplies for the gingerbread house making event, please sign up on Reopen Church. If you plan on participating in our UMY Secret Santa gift exchange, please sign up on Reopen church. The Reopen Church link is:


Thursday, December 10: The people you sold Butter Braids to need to pick them up from 5-7 PM at the covered drive-thru spot at the church. If you signed up to receive gingerbread house supplies, pick them up at this time!

Sunday, December 13: All-Church Gingerbread House Making Night! Have your gingerbread house supplies ready and join us on Zoom at 5 PM for this fun and creative all-church event! The Zoom link is on your December calendar, or to receive the link, contact Rachel at (509)582-2163 or email Rachel at rachel@kennewick.com.

Sunday, December 20: UMY Secret Santa Gift Exchange: If you signed up to participate in the Secret Santa gift exchange, you would have already received $10 in the mail and the name of a youth or leader to shop for. Bring your wrapped present and we will exchange the gifts in a safe and socially distanced way. Wear your mask and dress for the weather!

If you have not yet received the link for the UMY Zoom link for Cornerstone and UMY or know someone who would like to register for UMY, please call the church office at (509)582-2163 or email Rachel at rachel@kennewick.com.

November 2020 Calendars



UMY Forms

Overview Letter

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UMY Rules 

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Social Media

Facebook: Kennewick 1st Jr & Sr UMY

Instagram: @kf_umy

YouTube: Kennewick First United Methodist Youth


Thank you to our amazing youth group Leaders for serving the Lord and our youth program! Our youth are blessed to have such loving and fun adults to nurture and lead them in their faith and during the season:

Jr. UMY Leaders

Starlite Buchholz
Sean Holloway
Dick Nelson
Jeff Varzandeh

Sr. UMY Leaders

Jim Door
Sherry Elvik
Sierra Hogg
Danny Kuby
Kiauna Kuby
Jeff Varzandeh
Sean Holloway

Jr. UMY Cornerstone Teachers

Bracken Deatherage

Sr. UMY Cornerstone Teachers

Brittany Becker
Chris Becker
Jim Door

Rachel Loomis
Director of Youth Ministries

(509)582-2163 ext. 110
Email Rachel

We are thankful for all of your love and support and could not do it without you.

Please continue to keep the youth and leaders in your prayers as we begin the 2020-2021 UMY year!